Next up was the lights, which was also a bit of a faff.

Modern spotlights have quite narrow bezels, which was a bit of a problem. Not the plasterers’ fault — just awkward.

We’d left the lights dangling rather than cut through the plaster afterwards, but with hindsight perhaps it would have been better to cut through. We were worried about damaging the plaster and cracking it.

However, when we came to fit the spotlights, the bezels weren’t quite big enough in some cases to cover the holes.

So we went on a search to find larger spotlights or bezels we could retrofit — in the end, Screwfix came through and we’re pleased with the result.

The spotlights look great and didn’t cost us too much in money, just a bit of faffering in time.

Smart spotlights, grumpy Joe

Then we fitted the wall lights, and Vicky decided she didn’t like them in the bathroom after all. They’re lovely (they should be, they were very expensive) but very big.

They’re IP rated so they’ll make great outdoor lights for the new front porch, so not wasted.

But it did mean finding a second set of lights for the bathroom wall.

Etsy came through with a simple wire cage and fancy lightbulb — they’re not the most expensively made things in the world, but they’re sturdy enough and look great.

Brassy cage-style light fitting with squirrel cage bulb against white wall.
These glow beautifully. Terrible for makeup. Great for cosy baths.

The light switches, on the other hand, were expensive and feel like they’re made of cheese. So we’ll see how long they last!

Again, though, they look fab, and we’re super happy so far.